Zero Emission Trucks Coming to Port of Prince Rupert

A Gat Leedm Logistics low emissions truck at the Port of Prince Rupert. Photo: Prince Rupert Port Authority.

Four zero and low-emission heavy-duty trucks are expected to begin operating at the Port of Prince Rupert with the help of a project led by Innovate BC, an agency that funds technology startups and entrepreneurs, the Prince Rupert Port Authority announced June 10.

The project consists of two hydrogen-powered trucks, one battery-powered truck and one hydrogen-diesel co-combustion truck, all of which would be tested on current routes through 2026.

The demonstration would help officials determine the trucks’ range and reliability, as well as the scenario for their best use, the port said. The project’s made possible through the Integrated Marketplace, which connects buyers to area businesses to develop, build to scale and export technology solutions.

“The Integrated Marketplace acts as a platform for partners like Prince Rupert Port Authority, which are key contributors to British Columbia’s economic growth, to de-risk the adoption of new technologies while supporting the decarbonization and innovation goals of their organizations and the province,” Innovate BC President and CEO Peter Cowan said.

Project funding also includes $2.45 million from the Government of British Columbia, $3 million from the Government of Canada and $500,000 from the port authority.

“This partnership between governments, industry and B.C. businesses will help accelerate the Port of Prince Rupert’s continued progress toward decarbonizing port operations and to enable greater competitiveness and sustainability for Canadian supply chains,” Port Authority President and CEO Shaun Stevenson said.

Stevenson added that zero and low-emission vehicles are a key component of the port authority’s strategy for further reducing port-related carbon emissions 30% by 2030 and reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.

By Karen Robes Meeks