Alaska Marine Lines Launches New Rail Service Dock

Fishing boats loaded onto an Alaska Marine Lines barge. Photo courtesy of AML.

To meet the rising demand of seafood shipments from Alaska Pollock producers, Alaska Marine Lines on July 5 announced the opening of a new rail service dock.

Much of the pollock was transported on vessels that were unloaded in Bayside, New Brunswick, Canada, then moved by rail within Bayside, then by trucks bound for the eastern U.S.

The new dock helps Alaskan seafood companies because it’s “designed to handle transfers from containers to refrigerated rail cars, it streamlines the transportation process and enables customers to gain access to intermodal service options,” Lynden said in a statement.

For Lynden, fish season from May through October is usually an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ situation.

Alaska Marine Lines’s Seafood Sales Manager Tyler Maurer said the company moves an average of 10,000 containers of fish annually from Alaska to Seattle and Dutch Harbor.

Alaska Marine Lines transports frozen and canned fish from Naknek, Dutch Harbor, Kodiak, Cordova, Valdez, Dillingham, Sand Point, Southeast Alaska and False Pass, in addition to the fresh seafood transported by Lynden Air Cargo and Lynden Transport, the company said.

“Alaska Marine Lines moved about 5.5 million pounds of Pollock and Cod across the country from January to May (Season A) and is anticipating moving even more than that from June to October (Season B),” according to the company.

By Karen Robes Meeks