Alaska Marine Lines Puts New Reefers into Service

Image via Alaska Marine Lines.

Alaska Marine Lines was able to move 852 containers of Bristol Bay sockeye harvest this year, thanks to new refrigerated containers that were sent in May to Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

The state-of-the-art reefers include software that can control the temperature of the containers, requiring one-fifth less power than older containers, the company said. This means fewer generators to run, less fuel use and less pollution.

“In the Southeast lane alone the lower amp draws … have allowed us to transition from running four or five generators on the northbound sailings to only one generator running 70-plus reefers,” said Steve Hardin, director of equipment and maintenance at Alaska Marine Lines. “The savings in fuel and maintenance alone have been significant.”

Alaska Marine Lines Purchasing Manager Jay Marchand said the new reefers are “a vital link in the cold supply chain.”

“These new containers are a commitment to AML’s customers to assure that Alaska’s seafood stays frozen and keeps moving,” he said.

By Karen Robes Meeks