Assoc. of Pacific Ports Elects New President

New Association of Pacific Ports President Bobby Olvera Jr. Photo courtesy of APP.

The Association of Pacific Ports announced Long Beach Harbor Commissioner Bobby Olvera Jr. as APP’s new president on Aug. 5. Olvera assumes the role following the tenure of Kimberlyn King-Hinds from the Commonwealth Ports Authority, Northern Mariana Islands.

“I look forward to working with APP members in the coming year,” he said in a statement, adding that “collaboration and communication between us all are essential as we work to further the best interests of our communities and constituents.”

As International Vice President (Mainland) of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Olvera serves as the Vice President of the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners, holding a position on the Commission since May 2020.

He is a fifth-generation longshoreman with a 30-year history in the ILWU. Before his election to ILWU International Vice President in 2018, Olvera was elected to a variety of positions at ILWU Local 13 in Southern California, the largest ILWU local on the West Coast, which includes the Long Beach and Los Angeles seaports.

Olvera is joined by both new and returning port members to APP’s executive committee. Before welcoming new members, the executive said farewell to Port of Redwood City Commissioner Dick Dodge who retired after 42 years on the Redwood City Harbor Commission. Lorianna Kastrop, also of the Port of Redwood City, has been appointed as Dodge’s replacement on the Committee.

Also new this year is Judith Guthertz, representing the Port of Guam, and Sara Young and Kevin Ware, sharing duties to represent the Port of Skagit in Washington state.

“Now more than ever, the eyes of the world are upon ports — whether it be for investment in infrastructure, modernization initiatives, new technologies, or issues such as offshore wind, hydrogen use, and electrification,” Olvera during his remarks as incoming president at the APP’s Annual General Meeting on July 28.

“It’s important for ports to be sharing best practices and learning from each other as well as finding new opportunities that will drive business,” he said. “When business is successful, our communities and port authorities are successful along with them. The APP is driving that narrative for ports within the Pacific Basin.”

The Association of Pacific Ports is a trade and information association founded in 1913 as the Pacific Coast Association of Port Authorities for the purpose of promoting increased efficiency and effectiveness of the ports of the Pacific.

APP programs are aimed at enhancing the technical and governance expertise of commissioners and other port officials through meetings, educational seminars, and the exchange of appropriate communications.

All ports located in areas tributary to the Pacific Ocean are eligible to join APP. Current members include ports in American Samoa, British Columbia, California, Hawaii, Micronesia (Marshall Islands, Guam, Saipan, and Pohnpei), Oregon, Taiwan, Tonga and Washington state.


  • Bobby Olvera Jr., President – Port of Long Beach, California
  • Shao-Liang Chen, First Vice President/Treasurer – Taiwan International Ports Corp, Ltd., Taiwan
  • Kim B. Puzey, Second Vice President — Port of Umatilla, Oregon
  • Judith Guthertz – Port Authority of Guam, Guam
  • Kimberlyn King-Hinds, President – Commonwealth Ports Authority, CNMI

Regional Representatives

  • Shu-Hui Cheng – Taiwan International Ports Corporation, Ltd., Taiwan
  • Sean Clark — Port of Columbia County, Oregon
  • Lorianna Kastrop – Port of Redwood City, California
  • Thomas Maddison – Republic of the Marshall Islands Port Authority
  • Steve Ribuffo – Port of Alaska, Alaska
  • Sara Young/Kevin Ware – Port of Skagit, Washington

At-Large Representatives

  • Chris King – American Samoa Department of Port Administration
  • Zoran Knezevic — Port Alberni Port Authority, Port Alberni, British Columbia
  • Ian Marr  – Port of Nanaimo, British Columbia

Associate Member Sub-Committee Representatives

  • Jeannie Beckett – The Beckett Group
  • Joe Carrillo – SSA Marine