British Columbia’s Snug Cove Marine Terminal Undergoing Improvements

A ferry docking at the Snug Cove marine terminal. Photo: BC Ferries.

Updates to Snug Cove’s marine infrastructure on Bowen Island, British Columbia are underway and expected to be complete by the end of March, BC Ferries confirmed in January. 

The $3.7 million project, which began Jan. 8, is expected to deliver strengthened structural elements, safer walkways, restoration of damaged concrete, new access platforms for maintenance crews and new mechanical components, among other changes. 

“These improvements,” the ferry service provide said in a statement, “will ensure continued safe and reliable ferry service the community depends on for commuting to work, school, medical appointments and other travel needs.” 

Due to the upgrades, a modified schedule from Tuesdays to Sundays is required, as well as some full-day berth closures on weekends. 

Among the support BC Ferries has arranged to keep people moving are complimentary water taxi service for daily cancellations and berth closures; free shuttle service from Snug Cove water taxi to transit park & ride during full-day berth closures and evening sailing cancellations; and discounted/complimentary parking at Horseshoe Bay. 

The first of the three full-day berth closures occurred on Jan. 20, with subsequent full-day closures following on Feb. 3-4 and March 9. 

Snug Cove’s berth, which is the island’s only point of access for vehicle traffic and commercial goods carriers, operates 15 to 16 trips per day, and about 5,666 trips annually, according to
BC Ferries. 

“The Snug Cove terminal is used extensively … and that’s why we’re working hard overnight to minimize any impact during the day,” Stephen Jones, BC Ferries’ Vice President of Engineering, explained. “Planning ahead during this time will help our customers enjoy a smoother travel experience.” 

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