Port of Vancouver USA Sets Vehicle Processing Record

Subaru vehicles being offloaded from an NYK Line bulk container vessel at the Port of Vancouver USA’s Terminal 4. Photo: Port of Vancouver USA.

The Port of Vancouver USA has set a new record for the number of Subaru vehicles it has processed in a single month, the port said Nov. 16.

More than 13,500 Subaru vehicles were processed at Terminal 4 in October, highlighting the largest-volume month in automaker’s 30-year history at port.

Crosstreks, Foresters, all-electric Solterras and other models crossed the port’s dock from Oct 1-31. It all added up to 13,529 total vehicles—surpassing the previous high-mark of 12,900 vehicles set in July 2022.

“This record-breaking month solidifies the Port of Vancouver USA’s position as the largest gateway in North America for Subaru vehicles,” port CEO Julianna Marler said. “From the hundreds of local jobs supported by the transport and accessorizing of vehicles, to the dollars that are reinvested in Vancouver and the surrounding economy from this activity, Subaru continues to be a valuable partner to the port and our entire region.”

After sailing from Japan, Subarus are first offloaded from auto delivery vessels by local longshore crews. Vehicles have their sideview mirrors, trailer hitches and other accessories installed by employees at Auto Warehousing, a Subaru contractor located at the port.

Auto Warehousing also prepares the vehicles for transport to markets across the U.S.—including as far east as Chicago.

Once they’re delivered and processed, the vehicles are moved out of the port both by rail and truck. United Road Services, another tenant-business at the port, transports vehicles by truck to dealers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Subaru currently leases about 40 acres from Vancouver USA, where it has imported and processed vehicles since 1992.