Auto Import Business Launches Port of Portland’s Terminal 6

GM car-carrying vessel Dong-A Metis at the Port of Portland’s Berth 601. Photo courtesy of Port of Portland.

Port of Portland’s Terminal 6 has begun processing hundreds of new auto imports, the Oregon port announced March 6.

Earlier this month, dockworkers received about 3,100 General Motors vehicles built in China and South Korea, including Buick Envision, Buick Encore and Chevrolet Trailblazers from the ro/ro cargo vessel Dong-A Metis at Berth 601. Most were routed by Burlington Northern and Union Pacific to inland destinations within the U.S., the port said.

“From the longshore workers unloading the ships to the folks moving the imports to rail cars destined for the Midwest, this new business further solidifies the port as a premier auto gateway,” Keith Leavitt, the port’s chief trade and equitable development officer said.

The port expects about four vessels each month, potentially bringing about 160,000 GM automobiles through Portland annually.

“We couldn’t be happier with the expansion of our 30-year long relationship with the Port of Portland and with GM as their largest single-import customer on the West Coast,” said Ben Seher, co-president of Auto Warehousing Company, which has partnered with the port in the automotive logistics business for three decades.

“Their excellent port facilities and access to reliable rail infrastructure and service mean quick and efficient shipping corridors to GM’s customers,” Seher said.

By Karen Robes Meeks