Foss Maritime Announces Website Update

This week, Foss Maritime unveiled a new and improved website that it hopes will help customers and vendors better navigate and give them a better understanding of the marine services they offer.

The newly enhanced site done in collaboration with Aukema & Associates of Seattle features more resources for customers, more information of Foss’ offerings and the markets and regions it serves and a new look at its Tow Bitts News blog.

“Foss has evolved in the past many years, as have our service offerings,” said Jeff Horst, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing. “The new site is a reflection of our growth and the changes at Foss. The updated website is part of a larger effort to tell the Foss story; not just our nearly 135-year history, but who we are now, and how we continue to expand and improve.”

The website offers a deeper look at Foss’ various services, including harbor services and shipyard building, repair and maintenance and marine transportation and logistics.

It also highlights the company’s marine engineering and naval architecture services, which encompass project management, consulting, inspection and feasibility studies.

Beyond global services, the improved site also has a region-specific section for customers based in Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Alaska and the Gulf Coast. Those customers can now conveniently access those pages for information about Foss services in their area and who to contact.

“It’s been an exciting time at Foss,” Horst said. “With more ASD 90 tugs on the horizon, the expansion of our service offerings, and an ever-increasing ability to take on the world’s most complex transportation and marine engineering projects, it was time that our website represented the company’s full capabilities.”

By Sarah Spangler