Germany to Commission New Research Vessel

Germany’s LNG-burning research ship Atair

The German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) expects to take delivery of its new state-of-the-art research vessel Atair from the Fassmer GmbH & Co yard in Berne, Germany this month as the first seagoing government agency vessel fitted with an LNG propulsion system.

The dual-fuel system integrates two six-cylinder Wärtsilä 20DF engines as well as a six-cylinder Wärtsilä 20 engine along with a Wärtsilä LNGPac fuel storage, supply and control system. LNG storage is in a 130 cubic meter capacity tank installed below deck forward of the machinery space that will give ten days of operation on LNG alone. Propulsion and station keeping will be accomplished using a Schottel type SPJ 220 Pump Jet plus one Schottel Transverse Thruster installed in the bow and second in the stern.

The Pump Jet, which can also be used as a standby unit and take-home device, is a quiet type of propulsion drive that will allow Atair to meet the DNV SILENT Class Notation (SILENT R). The new ship can accommodate a total of 18 crew and 15 scientists and will carry a diving chamber and diving equipment on its 200 square meter aft working deck.

By Pacific Maritime