Imports Down at West Coast Ports, PMSA Says

U.S. West Coast ports moved a total of 37.5% of all containerized import tonnage that came through U.S. mainland ports in June, fewer than the 40.2% handled in June 2020 and the 38.4% handled in June 2019, according to the latest monthly trade report from Pacific Merchant Shipping Association.

The “Big Five” USWC ports by themselves — Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle, Tacoma — moved 35.8% of the West Coast’s overall containerized import tonnage, dipping from 38.5% in June 2020 and from 36.8% in June 2019. Overall, exports were down for West Coast ports, which handled 83,443 fewer TEUs in June than they had two previous Junes, according to the report, which was issued Aug. 19.

“Exports generally continued their downward spiral on the West Coast while showing strong year-over-year gains along most of the Eastern Seaboard,” according to report.

PMSA reported that exports through East Coast ports rose 12.2% from June 2020 but fell 1% from June 2019.

When it comes to trading with East Asia, the Big Five ports processed 56.9% of imports in June, lower than the 58.6% share in June 2020 and the 56.7% share in June 2019. U.S. West Coast ports overall handled 58.3% of imports from the Far East.

As for exports, U.S. West Coast ports processed 53% of goods headed to East Asia in June, better than their 50.3% share in June 2020 but less than their 58.9% share in June 2019.

By Karen Robes Meeks