Matson Publishes Sustainability Report

Matson Inc. has put in writing its various efforts in sustainability with a newly published annual report.

In its Sustainability Report, the Honolulu-based ocean transportation and logistics company spotlights its role as an environmental steward, how it manages the well-being of its employees and community, and its ethical, safe and reliable approach to business.

It also looks at Matson’s progress and major achievements, including a 13 percent drop in CO2 emissions between 2017 and 2019 and the completion of four modern U.S.-constructed vessels designed to lower GHG emissions.

“Over more than a century, Matson’s business has been built on earning the trust of the customers and communities we serve and conducting our business with integrity,” said Matt Cox, chairman and chief executive officer. “This report highlights Matson’s achievements and the measures we are taking to advance responsible, sustainable and ethical practices throughout our company. I am proud of the work Matson is doing and we remain committed to building on our rich history.”

This is an exciting time for Matson, said Rachel Lee, vice president of sustainability and governance.

“We are making progress toward achieving Matson’s sustainability goals – from moving toward a low-carbon future; to promoting a diverse workforce and an equitable and inclusive culture; and continuing to protect our employees in the face of an unprecedented pandemic,” she said.

For a copy of its 2019-2020 Sustainability Report, go to

By Pacific Maritime