More Boats For NYC Ferry Fleet

NYC Ferry

Using an Incat Crowther Digital Ship design package the identical Tier 4 compliant passenger ferries H401 and Curiosity have been delivered by the Halimar Shipyard at Morgan City, Louisiana and Breaux Brothers Enterprises at Loreauville, Louisiana to Hornblower-operated NYC Ferry.

Ordered prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the twin 29-meter-long ferries have joined an existing fleet of fourteen 29-meter vessels and seventeen smaller 26-meter craft. Another four 26-meter-long ferries are currently under construction at the Gulf Craft and Metal Shark yards, both in Franklin, Louisiana, along with one additional 29-meter boat being built by St John’s Shipbuilding in Palatka, Florida.
The addition of these vessels will push the NYC Ferry fleet up to 38 units, all equipped with Baudouin diesels.

By Pacific Maritime