New Duwamish River Park Moved Forward

By Karen Robes Meeks

A formerly contaminated industrial property will become a new 13.5-acre Duwamish River park with 2,500 linear feet of shoreline, thanks to a recent action by the Port of Seattle Commission.

The Terminal 117 Habitat Restoration and Duwamish Shoreline Access Project will build upland habitat and bring back priority habitat for Chinook salmon and other species. When completed, the public space will feature a pier, public art, walkways, and elevated viewpoints.

“Habitat restoration is a major element of the port’s cleanup efforts along the Duwamish River,” said Commission President Peter Steinbrueck. “Through innovative collaboration with our federal and local partners, we are able to make this project satisfy our triple bottom line approach, providing key economic, ecological, and community benefits to the Duwamish Valley community.”

By Sarah Spangler