PNW Ports Seek Public Input on Emissions Plans

The public is asked to weigh in on draft implementation plans for the Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy, which seeks to address port-related air pollution.

This year, the ports of Vancouver, BC, Seattle, Tacoma, and the Northwest Seaport Alliance adopted a strategy that seeks to address climate change and air emissions at the ports in the coming years, with each port developing an implementation plan tailored to their business needs.

The strategy targets six areas: ocean vessels, cargo-handling equipment, trucks, harbor vessels, rail and port administration and tenant facilities. The ports want the public’s input on their plans, specifically what projects to prioritize and which strategies best serve the public.

While the ports have been meeting goals to lower diesel particulate matter and greenhouse gas emissions when compared to 2005 levels, total GHG emissions across the four ports rose by nearly 5%, which the ports are attributing to cargo demands outpacing GHG emissions reduction efforts.

“This is an issue where we have overwhelming agreement on the urgency,” said Port of Seattle Commissioner Stephanie Bowman. “Taking community feedback on how to prioritize and implement this strategy, and making progress towards our zero-emissions future, is some of the most urgent and important work we will do this year.”

Comments can be submitted through Aug. 15 via online survey at, or during a July 15 webinar at

By Pacific Maritime