POLB Testing Supply Chain Information Highway

Image: Port of Long Beach.

The Port of Long Beach is in the midst of field testing a digital tool aimed at maximizing cargo efficiency and visibility at its port.

The port has been developing a Supply Chain Information Highway, which is now being demonstrated in the field to further refine its data-delivery capabilities, the port revealed July 26.

The digital highway, which the port’s six marine terminals are beta testing, features a dashboard that lets customers access location data and track containers as they move through the port and when they are ready for pickup.

Also featured is public, real-time information on a container using a specific tracking number and public access to projected volumes, truck turn times and other data found on the port’s Weekly Advance Volume Estimate Report to help stakeholders better plan cargo pickups.

“We are merging technology and collaboration to enable information sharing and connectivity across every link of the supply chain,” port CEO Mario Cordero said. “By increasing cargo visibility, the Supply Chain Information Highway will deliver a more accurate record of container movement through the port complex, reduce delays and aid the entire goods movement industry from end-to-end and coast-to-coast.”

By Karen Robes Meeks