Port of Everett, City Council Adopt Vision, Guiding Principles for Waterfront

Port of Everett
Port of Everett
Image via Port of Everett.

A vision and guiding principles for redeveloping the Mukilteo waterfront has been formally adopted by the Port of Everett Commission and the Mukilteo City Council, it was announced Tuesday, July 12.

According to the vision statement, the Mukilteo waterfront is to be an easy and welcoming place to gather throughout the year with a mix of activities that “promotes culture, recreation and entertainment.”

The commission and council, according to the statement, will be guided by a series of principles that ensure the space is authentically Mukilteo, as well as making it pedestrian friendly, sustainably mindful and boating and shoreline accessible.

“The adoption of a unified vision of the city and the port is the first of many actions that will be required to successfully develop the waterfront in a way that is in keeping (with) the guidance of this action,” Port Commissioner Tom Stiger said. “I believe we are stronger when we work together, and we both have special resources and skills to bring to the table to get this development on the right path.”

With the vision statement and guiding principles in place, the city and port plan to work on a memorandum of understanding to see how to move forward in partnership. If approved, the port would reach out to architecture and design contractor NBBJ about a path for bringing the vision and principles to reality.

More on the vision and guiding principles is available online.

By Karen Robes Meeks