Port of Hueneme Receives COVID-19 Recovery Help

Port of Hueneme
Port of Hueneme
An aerial view of the Port of Hueneme. Photo: Stephen Osman/Port of Hueneme.

The Port of Hueneme will be able to recoup some of the revenue it lost in the 2020 fiscal year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The port, located in Ventura County, Calif., is expected to receive more than $2.3 million from California’s American Rescue Plan Act, which was created to help ports impacts by COVID-19, it was announced earlier this month.

For example, the port’s auto manufacturing sector took a hit during the pandemic when auto manufacturers encountered production setbacks. The port saw the number of auto ships drop from 4-6 vessels weekly to two, then in some cases to zero in a week.

The funding is expected to help make the port more solvent as it faced fiscal year revenue 2020 losses from its auto business and help cover the surging costs in capital improvements from inflation and supply shortages, port Director and CEO Kristin Decas said.

“Since the early days of the pandemic, the Port of Hueneme and other California ports have worked to ensure essential goods reach consumers, even as they faced abrupt and dramatic revenue shortfalls,” said State Controller and State Lands Commission Chair Betty T. Yee. “This funding is a game changer. It will restore financial losses while helping the port address supply chain constraints and invest in technology to improve the environment.”

By Karen Robes Meeks