Port of Newport Board Approves Purchase of Crane for Terminal

Image: Port of Newport.

The Newport International Terminal (NIT) at the Port of Newport, Oregon is expected to get a new rough terrain crane in the coming months to help load equipment onto ships.

The port announced Aug. 25 that commissioners agreed to purchase a newer crane to replace an older, smaller crane, which was experiencing more mechanical issues in part because bigger loads are pressing capacity limits,.

NIT Facilities Manager Don Moon helped secure a 2021 model “at great savings,” according to a port news release.

“The port has found an opportunity to purchase an unused 2021 Grove GRT655L with a one year factory warranty,” port Director of Finance Mark Brown said. “The port will save approximately $200,000 by purchasing this older model of crane versus a 2023.”

The port has said that it plans to sell the older crane after the 2021 model arrives in the coming weeks. The port’s Director of Operations, Aaron Bretz, said he expects about $150,000 in resale value, according to the port.

By Karen Robes Meeks