Port of Oakland Chief Delivered State of the Port

At this year’s State of the Port Address, Port of Oakland Executive Director Wan spoke of handling last year’s challenges, which have included stabilizing finances despite a $60 million deficit created by the impact of COVID-19, setting up COVID-19 testing sites at the Oakland International Airport and supporting impacted Jack London Square restaurants and port tenants with rental payment assistance.

“I am grateful to our Port employees and Port Board of Commissioners, from the moment that the Grand Princess cruise ship pulled up, through threatened power black outs, apocalyptic red skies and social reckonings; our port was guided by calm, fact-based and experienced leadership,” Wan said to a virtual audience of more than 200.

Wan also said the port’s focus for 2021 on “planning for a prosperous future” as the port faces a changing business and community environment.

“2021 has to be a year of not just recovery, but also a year analyzing the changes that our industries and our communities have faced and will face, and plan accordingly,” he said.

That includes meeting committing to a future of zero greenhouse gas emissions, easing truck congestion and working with partners to bolster good-paying jobs locally, the port said.

By Pacific Maritime