Port of Seattle’s Terminal 46 to Support Field Hospital

By Karen Robes Meeks

The Port of Seattle and The Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA) has made portions of Terminal 46 open for trailers, container equipment and storage to help the US Army’s Field Hospital 10, which is being established at Century Link Exhibition Center.

The temporary field hospital will serve patients not affected by COVID-19 to help area hospitals respond to the health crisis.

“The NWSA’s approved licensee to operate cargo operations at T-46, Foss Maritime, is uniquely situated and qualified to work with military, hospital, health, and other stakeholders to provide the necessary services as requested,” said Commissioners John McCarthy and Peter Steinbrueck, Port commission presidents and co-chairs of The Northwest Seaport Alliance. “We greatly value the opportunity to work with all entities to protect the health and safety of our region during this time of crisis. The temporary hospital facilities will be for non COVID patients.”

By Sarah Spangler