Port of Tacoma Moves Up GHG Emissions Goal by a Decade

Image: Port of Tacoma.

The Port of Tacoma is now determined to phase out port-controlled greenhouse gas emissions a decade sooner than its original 2050 goal, the port announced July 18.

Port commissioners agreed to eliminate by 2040 Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions, which stem from buildings and vehicles owned and directly operated by the port and electricity bought for port facilities.

This differs from Scope 3 emissions, which include cargo vessels, drayage trucks and facilities leased to the private sector that the port doesn’t directly control.

“The port takes seriously our commitment to the environment and clean air,” Port Commission President Deanna Keller said. “Accelerating our net zero emission target gives us an opportunity to demonstrate climate leadership and take action where we have direct control.”

Efforts toward the goal include purchasing electric vehicles, swapping natural gas for electricity in buildings and buying renewable fuels instead of fossil fuels.

Enacting the net zero policy would require various multi-million-dollar projects, such as the Administration Building Electric Vehicle Charging Station project authorized by the commission in February.

By Karen Robes Meeks