Port of Vancouver USA Moves Record Subaru Vehicles

A Subaru Solterra is driven off a ramp. Photo: Port of Vancouver USA.

The Port of Vancouver USA moved more than 98,000 Subaru vehicles through its gateway in 2022, officials said April 11. This beat the previous record of 91,000 cars set in 2018.

The gateway saw a variety of Subarus move through the port, including Subaru BRZ, Crosstrek, Forester, Impreza, Solterra and WRX vehicles, the port said.

“It makes us smile when passing a Subaru on the road because we know it likely came through the Port of Vancouver USA,” port CEO Julianna Marler said. “We’re thrilled to have set a record year with Subaru because of all the benefits this relationship brings to the Vancouver community and beyond, and we’re excited to help them succeed in the years ahead.”

Subaru of America, Inc. leases about 40 acres from the port, which is the largest gateway for Subaru vehicles in the country. It has imported and processed vehicles at the facility since 1993,

“Subaru is appreciative of our longstanding collaboration and the support that the Port of Vancouver USA has offered in order to continue working towards future success,” Lisa Kline, vice president of vehicle planning and logistics at Subaru of America, said.

By Karen Robes Meeks