Trade with Alaska And Hawaii: American Marine’s Hawaii Operations

American Challenger

American Marine Services Group’s relationship with the Hawaiian islands spans more than three decades.

In the 1970s, American Marine Corporation – under the name of American Divers – built a business that encompassed the marine construction industry, acquiring tug boats, barges, and crew boats.

Meanwhile in 1985, Pacific Environmental Corporation (PENCO) was making a name for itself as Hawaii’s first commercial operator dedicated to oil spill cleanup, a go-to company. Since then, PENCO has been involved in every major spill cleanup in the Pacific and grew into a full-scale marine and land-based cleanup contractor, as well as other services.

Today, these two companies continue to support the Aloha state, building upon their capabilities and reputation in the Hawaiian Islands and Outer Pacific Islands.

Their range of services makes them a one-stop solution for private and public sector customers: AMC with its specialty in marine construction, marine transportation, commercial diving, and salvage, and PENCO with its focus in marine tank cleaning, bilge/oil/oily water pumping and used oil processing, hazardous waste packaging, transportation and disposal, marine wreck removal, stormwater management products and services and general marine vessel services and support.

AMSC Director Scott Vuillemot says, “We are committed to the State of Hawaii and see many future growth opportunities here.”
“We are ideally positioned to optimize on those growth opportunities and will lean heavily on our in-depth local knowledge and solid relationships we have built over the decades,” says PENCO Executive Vice President Teal Cross.

“In addition, we are currently expanding our marine, emergency response and environmental services fleet to better meet our customer’s growing needs. There is a bright future for our business in Hawaii and the Outer Islands and we are very excited for the next 50 years.”

By Pacific Maritime