Twin LNG-Fueled PCTCs Entering Service

LNG-fueled PCTCs Siem Confucius and Siem Aristole

China’s Xiamen Shipyard has delivered the pure car truck carriers (PCTCs) Siem Confucius and Siem Aristole to Siem Car Carriers with both vessels being chartered by the Volkswagen Group to transport vehicles from Europe to North America. The 200-meter by 36-meter twins, each with a capacity for 4,700 vehicles, are powered by MAN B&W S60ME-GI dual-fuel, two-stroke engines that deliver 12,600 kW and feature direct injection and exhaust-gas treatment to reduce emissions.
The LNG, which will also be used to fuel two 9L28/32DF and one 7L28/32DF dual-fuel auxiliary engines per ship, is stored in two 1,800-cubic meter capacity tanks installed below deck.

The new PCTCs are replacing two conventional car carriers in Siem’s fleet and will cut CO2 emissions by 25 percent, NOx by 30 percent, particulate matter by 60 percent and SOx almost completely.

By Pacific Maritime