Vancouver, USA Extends Warehouse Lease

A lease agreement with Warehouse ‘23 was extended Tuesday by the Port of Vancouver USA Board of Commissioners, a move that guarantees the facility’s operation through Dec. 31, 2020.

The lease will run until Feb. 15, 2021, giving Warehouse ’23 time to conduct normal operation at Terminal 1 until the end of 2020 before having to vacate the space.

“It has been a great partnership with the port to do this unusual short-term business strategy,” said owner Mark Matthias. “We look forward to being part of the Terminal 1 development in the future with an exciting new concept.”

In 2016, Warehouse ’23 opened in the space formerly occupied by Red Lion Hotel and The Quay restaurant, reviving the waterfront. In 2021, the port will demolish the building, launching the next chapter of its waterfront development project.

“Warehouse ’23 has been a wonderful addition to the Vancouver waterfront,” said Julianna Marler, Port of Vancouver CEO. “Mark’s partnership and his vision to revitalize this space has helped create the energy and excitement for the future of Terminal 1.”

By Karen Robes Meeks