Wärtsilä, Elliott Bay Design Group Enter Collaborative Agreement

Image: Elliott Bay Design Group.
Image: Wärtsilä.

Seattle-based naval architecture and marine engineering company Elliott Bay Design Group has entered into a collaborative agreement with Finnish marine and energy tech firm Wärtsilä to advance the development of EBDG’s Clean Harbor Alternative Mobile Power (CHAMP) Barge design, it was announced March 4.

Wärtsilä’s methanol engine technology would be part of the floating mobile power platform design, which could offer “a cost-effective solution to reduce emissions from large vessels in situations where conventional shore power is limited or not available,” the Helsinki-based company said.

“We are pleased to partner with Wärtsilä in bringing this innovative patent pending solution to the market,” EBDG principal in charge Mike Complita said. “The CHAMP barge project represents a significant stride toward tackling the most daunting challenges in curbing port emissions, all while offering the adaptability of multi-megawatt power solutions.”

With green methanol as its energy source, CHAMP is expected to offer a power range of 6 to 16 MW, allowing for cold ironing for vessels, whether docked or anchored, for more than two weeks before they need to refuel, Wärtsilä said.

“Wärtsilä’s experience with methanol-fueled marine engines is unmatched, and we continue to develop future-fuel capabilities to accelerate the decarbonization of maritime operations,” said Joel Thigpen, general manager of new build for Wärtsilä Marine. “This collaboration with Elliott Bay Design Group demonstrates both companies’ commitment to providing practical and sustainable solutions for the maritime industry.”

By Karen Robes Meeks