West Coast Shipyards Win Federal Grants

Image: Maritime Administration.

Shipyards in Alaska, California and Washington were among 27 companies to receive grants from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration’s Small Shipyard Grant Program, which helps shipyards fund facility upgrades, raise productivity and increase job opportunities in the area, it was announced May 3.

They include: 

  • Highmark Marine Fabrication, LLC of Kodiak, Alaska, which plans to use its $969,191 to buy a 120-ton rough terrain crane.
  • Bay Ship & Yacht Co., of Alameda, Calif., which plans to use its $830,380 grant toward a 165-ton Grove GRT 9165 crane with a 205-foot boom.
  • Driscoll, Inc. dba Driscoll Boat Works, LLC of San Diego, Calif., which is to receive $1 million to buy a 150-ton marine travelift.
  • Marine Group Boat Works, LLC of Chula Vista, Calif., which plans to get $1,142,447 toward buying an 820-ton variable width marine travelift.
  • All American Marine, Inc., of Bellingham, Wash., which netted a $916,166 grant to invest in a CNC dual head router and CNC press brake systems; and 
  • Everett Ship Repair, LLC., of Everett, Wash., which plans to invest its $1,168,613 grant on acquiring a 140-ton telescopic crawler crane. 

“As shipbuilding technologies continue to advance, Small Shipyard Grants help America’s shipyards acquire the equipment they need to compete, thrive and expand America’s maritime industry,” Maritime Administrator Ann Phillips said. “These grants are also economic boosts to the communities in which shipyards are located as well as to our industrial supply chain.”

So far, the grant program has awarded $303 million to nearly 350 shipyards through the U.S. since 2008.

By Karen Robes Meeks