LA, Long Beach Ports Make $60 Million Available for Zero-Emission Trucks

An electric drayage truck at the Port of Long Beach. Photo: POLB.

The Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles have made $60 million in Clean Truck Fund Rate funding available through their California Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) for vouchers toward the purchase of zero-emission, Class 8 drayage trucks that operate at the San Pedro Bay ports complex.

The funds became available to applicants beginning Nov. 14 at

Each port is providing $30 million through the Clean Truck Fund (CTF) Rate, which collects $10 per TEU from cargo owners on loaded containers entering and exiting the port complex.

The CTF Rate is a component of the ports’ Clean Air Action Plan goal of 100% zero-emissions drayage trucks by 2035.

The voucher program utilizes the existing HVIP funding application process to provide incentive funding toward eligible zero-emissions truck purchases servicing the port complex.

HVIP, launched by the California Air Resources Board, is part of a statewide initiative that puts billions of cap-and-trade dollars to work by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment—particularly in disadvantaged communities similar to those adjacent to the ports.

Funding is administered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Voucher enhancements funded by the ports are $100,000 per truck for fleets with 10 or fewer trucks, and $75,000 for fleets with more than 10 trucks — additional to the HVIP drayage voucher amount of $150,000 per truck and any other applicable HVIP voucher enhancements. The highest potential voucher amount is $250,000 per truck. The funding supports the purchase and deployment of up to 800 new zero-emissions trucks.

For drayage purchasers who don’t meet the HVIP requirements for this specific funding—and for other types of vehicles—funds are still available through standard HVIP and other HVIP categories, including over $100 million in other drayage truck funds.

A complete list of HVIP funding requirements, including the eligible trucks and dealers, is available at