Damen Develops Hybrid OSV Design

Damen’s new 9020 hybrid OSV design

Dutch designer and builder Damen has developed a new Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) design, the 9020, that features good station-keeping capability and low carbon emissions along with the ability to perform a wide variety of tasks both at the surface level and subsea.

Designed specifically for dynamic positioning, the vessel incorporates four identical azimuthing thrusters arranged symmetrically: two on the stern and two on the bow.

Power is provided by diesel generators supported by a battery pack but the ship could optionally be delivered to operate on green methanol produced from biological waste streams.

A helicopter deck has been integrated into the design forward while the aft deck could support a wide variety of equipment, to include an offshore crane, a stern-mounted A-frame and tanks needed for saturation diving.

By Pacific Maritime