Construction Begins on Wasaline Hybrid Ro/Pax

Aurora Botnia

Finland’s Rauma Marine Construction has commenced construction of the hybrid ferry Aurora Botnia for Wasaline with the expected delivery of the ship to take place in the spring of next year. To utilize a hybrid power generation system as well as an electric propulsion system, the vessel will be the first ro/pax to be issued a Clean Design class notation by DNV.

Propulsion will be provided by four Wärtsilä main engines that will run on both LNG and liquefied biogas, with the latter to be supplied by a plant in Vaasa that produces the gas from recycled materials. A large battery pack will allow the vessel to use electric power only when entering or leaving port.

With a capacity for 800 passengers and 1,500 lane meters of rolling stock it will operate between Vaasa, Finland and Umeå, Sweden in replacement of the 39-year-old Wasa Express.

By Pacific Maritime