Dwell Times for Cargo Remain Low at LA, Long Beach Ports: PMSA

The Port of LA’s Pier 400. Photo: POLA.

The average amount of time cargo containers remained at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach before being moved along the supply chain remained low last month, according to data released Sept. 20 by the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association.

The average dwell time of cargo lingering at the twin seaports before leaving by truck was 2.89 days in August, slightly lower than the average of 3.08 days in July, the data show.

“The August truck dwell time is within the normal range and is an indicator that the supply chain is operating smoothly,” PMSA said.

As for rail-bound cargo, the average dwell time in August was 4.45 days, slightly up from the average of 4.14 days recorded in July, considered normal dwell time averages.

“We’re happy to see dwell times for rail and truck cargo have remained consistently low from month-to-month,” PMSA Vice President Michele Grubbs said. “Ensuring the smooth flow of container traffic through our marine terminals and the on-time delivery of goods remains a paramount focus for terminal operators.”

By Karen Robes Meeks