Dwell Times for Truck Cargo Down, Rail Cargo Up at LA/Long Beach Ports: PMSA

Drayage trucks queued at a Port of Los Angeles terminal. Port of LA file photo.

The length of time containers lingered at the Los Angeles and Long Beach seaports before leaving by truck fell in February from the previous month, according to new data released March 23 by the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association.

The numbers mirror the drop in overall cargo volumes, PMSA said, with the dwell time for truck-bound cargo averaging 2.9 days last month, down from 3.2 days in January. 

Also, about 7.9% of containers stayed past five days at terminals last month, lower than the from 9.8% the prior month.

Meanwhile, cargo destined to move by train stayed on terminals an average of 5.8 days in February, up from 4.3 days in January, according to PMSA.

“Despite the slight increase in dwell time for rail-bound cargo, dwell is down from a peak of 16.5 days in August of 2022,” PMSA Vice President Michele Grubbs said. “Cargo is moving and there is space on terminals to move more.”

By Karen Robes Meeks