L.A.-Long Beach Port Truck Dwell Time Steady, Rail Dwell Time Up: PMSA

Containerized cargo at the San Pedro Bay port complex. File photo.

The average time cargo lingered at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach before leaving by truck remained steady last month, however the average time for rail-bound cargo rose in December, according to data released Jan. 18 by the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association.

Cargo traveling by truck stayed at the ports an average of 2.69 days last month, down slightly from 2.78 days in November.

Meanwhile, cargo departing by rail stayed on the docks an average of 4.98 days in December, up from the 3.9 day-average recorded in November, according to the PMSA.

For containers that lingered for more than five days, 6.8% of truck-destined cargo stayed at terminals for that time period or longer in December, while 32.3% of rail-departing containers stayed five or more days.

“The container dwell times are key metrics to track to gain insight on how efficiently cargo is moving through the supply chain,” PMSA External Affairs Manager Natasha Villa remarked.

By Pacific Maritime Magazine