Matson Releases Sustainability Report

Image via Matson Inc.

In its new 2021 Sustainability Report, Honolulu-based marine cargo carrier Matson, Inc. detailed its strides to invest and practice in a more environmentally mindful way while serving its communities, customers and employees.

The July 25 report also includes Matson’s “strategic approach and how it measures progress and celebrates key achievements,” according to the company.

The report also highlights its $4.2 million investment in community support, a 19% uptick over 2020. Over 560 community groups benefited from company funding and services, directing it towards environmental conservation, food banks and social equity programs.

The report includes Matson’s goal to reach net zero Scope 1 greenhouse gas fleet emissions by 2050 and a commitment to lower emissions by 40% by 2030.

“Our 2021 Sustainability Report demonstrates Matson’s ongoing commitment to transparency and communication,” Matson Vice President of Sustainability and Governance Rachel Lee said. “We will also continue to develop the way we measure and share updates on our progress, which is essential to maintaining trust with our stakeholders.”

The company also lowered sulfur oxides emissions by 25% and announced that some vessels are expected to be part of the LNG installation program.

“In a year of extraordinary disruption and upheaval in our industry, Matson devoted more attention and resources than ever to serving the needs of our customers, employees and communities,” Matson Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Matt Cox said. “I am proud of the work we are doing and pleased to share our progress in this year’s Sustainability Report.”

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By Karen Robes Meeks