Oakland, Yokohama Ports Commit to Green Shipping Corridor

Ports of Oakland and Yokohama officials sign the Green Shipping Corridor. (Left to right) Port of Oakland COO Kristi McKenney, Port of Oakland Executive Director Danny Wan, Port of Yokohama Deputy Director General Tetsuo Ishikawa and Yokohama Kawasaki International Port Corporation President and CEO Shinya Hitomi. Photo: Oakland seaport.

The Port of Oakland and the Port of Yokohama in Japan have signed a Green Shipping Corridor Memorandum of Understanding that allows both seaports to further their efforts to decarbonize the trade route between them, the Northern California port announced Oct. 20.

Both ports are expected to discuss ways to lower emissions through the development of low carbon and zero-emissions cargo handling equipment and vehicles, as well as fuel alternatives.

The ports have a history of partnership that dates back to May 2, 1980, when they first became sister ports. Oakland is a major gateway for Asia, especially Japan, the final destination for about 16% of export business departing from Oakland.

“Japan has demonstrated its commitment to decarbonization initiatives and partnerships to achieve these ambitious goals,” Port of Oakland Executive Director Danny Wan said. “Agreements like this MOU are an essential part of establishing the explicit intent to reduce emissions and implementation of worthy projects that can get the job done. We look forward to working collaboratively with the Port of Yokohama and hope that our ports’ efforts inspire others around the world to do the same.”

By Karen Robes Meeks