Port of Grays Harbor Completes Haul Road Erosion Project

The Haul Road Erosion Mid-Term Strategy Project. Photo via Port of Grays Harbor.

A project addressing erosion issues that threatened vital utilities to Satsop Business Park is now completed, the Port of Grays Harbor announced Oct. 6.

Civic and harbor officials recently celebrated the port’s Haul Road Erosion Mid-Term Strategy Project, which called for building and installing “self-mitigating bioengineered log structures” at the area of erosion, reshaping the embankment, putting in riparian plants to enhance aquatic habitats and furthering larger restoration efforts at the Chehalis Basin.

The project was funded by the port, the Office of the Chehalis Basin, the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority, Grays Harbor Energy and Grays Harbor County’s .09 fund. Parametrix was the port’s lead engineer and Rognlin’s, Inc. of Aberdeen performed the construction work.

“The Department of Ecology’s Office of Chehalis Basin works with local partners to aggressively pursue opportunities to reduce flood damages and to protect and restore aquatic species,” Acting OCB Director Nat Kale said. “The Port of Grays Harbor’s Haul Road project achieves both.”

“It preserves valuable infrastructure that was at immediate risk of damage, threatening the local economy, and it does so in a way that is far better for aquatic life than old approaches that relied on walls of rock or steel,” Kale added.

By Karen Robes Meeks