Pasha Group President-CEO Honored at Admiral of the Ocean Sea Awards

Image: Pasha Group.
Image: Pasha Group.
Image: Pasha Group.

George Pasha IV, president and CEO of Northern California-based logistics and transport services company The Pasha Group, was recognized by the United Seamen’s Service at its 54th annual Admiral of the Ocean Sea Awards on Dec. 1.

Pasha was honored alongside Interlake Maritime Services President Mark Barker and Adam Vokac, district and national president of the Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association. The award is given to those who have been exemplary in their support for U.S. seafarers and the maritime industry.

At the event, Pasha spotlighted the ongoing shortage of maritime workers.

“We need additional investment in training and schooling of our mariner workforce, including funding for high school and pre-high school programs,” he said. “We need to lower barriers for entry for our seafarers and to allow for our service members to transition into commercial roles more easily.”

“It is crucial,” he continued, “for this administration to communicate the significance and value of these well-paying jobs and to actively support the unions and employers in recruiting and retaining these essential positions.”

Pasha also praised seafarers and the United Seamen’s Service.

“We extend our gratitude to our hardworking mariners who tirelessly carry out heroic duties to ensure the ships remain safe and reliably on time,” he said. “

By Karen Robes Meeks