PMSA Announces Leadership Transition

John McLaurin. Photo via Pacific Shipping Merchant Association.
Mike Jacob. Photo: Pacific Shipping Merchant Association.

Pacific Merchant Shipping Association announced Sept. 26 that its vice president and general counsel, Mike Jacob, is taking the reins as president of the organization in 2024. The leadership change is due to longtime PMSA President John McLaurin stating that he intends to retire early next year.

McLaurin, who has served as PMSA president for 28 years, lauded Jacob, who joined the organization in 2005.

“Mike is ideally positioned to lead PMSA into the future during a time of profound change in the industry,” McLaurin said. “He has been a trusted partner and friend for almost 20 years. His strategic vision is relied upon by PMSA member companies, decision-makers at multiple levels of government, supply chain partners and PMSA staff.”

PMSA’s board of directors thanked McLaurin for his dedication, commitment and unwavering representation of the PMSA, which advocates for the West Coast maritime industry.

“The PMSA Board has determined that Mike Jacob is the best person to succeed John and serve as the organization’s next president,” longtime PMSA board member Mark Johnson, who’s the vice president of government affairs for SSA Marine, said. “Mike’s intellect, dedication to the maritime industry, and his extraordinary efforts on behalf of PMSA made it clear that he is the ideal candidate to lead our organization into the future.”

Jacob said he looks forward to his new role and working with McLaurin and the board in the coming months.

“I will continue to pursue and build on PMSA’s successes and efforts under John’s leadership to enact policies that encourage economic and investment growth, market share protection, and a feasible, sustainable transition to a cleaner environment,” he remarked.

By Karen Robes Meeks