Seaspan Shipyards Awards $2.6M Toward Digitalization, Modernization

Image: Seaspan Marine.

Four Canadian maritime companies have been awarded a combined $2.6 million in contracts from Seaspan Shipyards to further digitalization and shipbuilding and fleet maintenance modernization efforts.

The contracts, announced by Seaspan April 19, includes the following companies:

  • BCS Automation, which is developing a project focused on a ship’s control and monitoring system that seeks to improve vessel design and lower a vessel’s overall life cycle cost.
  • Gastops, which is working on a ‘digital twin’ solution to maximize ship maintenance and performance by “proactively identifying and quantifying vessel equipment performance and maintenance issues before they reach a critical stage;” and 
  • 3GA Marine and Kognitiv Spark, which are teaming up to create technology that would give users “real-time customizable digital information, enabling operators to access essential technical data in a mixed reality environment.”

“As part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy’s overarching objective to build a sustained, long-term shipbuilding industry, Seaspan is leading several key innovation areas,” Seaspan’s  senior vice president of strategy, business development and communications, Dave Hargreaves, said.

“Digital twins offer huge potential in all phases of a ship’s lifecycle. By partnering and funding these three companies,” he added, “we can move the Canadian marine digital twin ecosystem forward with a goal of leading the world in this area.”

By Karen Robes Meeks