BRIX Marine Launches New Survey Boat

The survey boat Lugudi Barana. Photo: BRIX Marine.

BRIX Marine has launched the Lugudi Barana, a new, modern 3011-CTC survey boat, the Port Angeles, Wash.-based vessel manufacturer said March 4.

The new vessel has a 30-foot hull length, a 28-foot waterline length and a lightship weight of about 9,500 pounds. It also features 5086 alloy aluminum hull skins, 5052 alloy aluminum interior transverse frames and longitudinal T-bars, according to the company.

The boat also features self-bailing aluminum decks, watertight bulkheads and anodes for cathodic protection, as well as various accessories for surveying, such as an extended “T” transom, welded aluminum handrails and a generator-driven hydraulic system, said BRIX Marine. Also included is an advanced Garmin electronics suite with GPS, radar and VHF radio.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Lugudi Barana, our latest addition to the BRIX Marine LabCat  lineup,” BRIX Marine Managing Director Perry Knudson said. “With its advanced features and rugged construction, the Lugudi Barana reflects our commitment to advancing marine surveying capabilities.”

By Karen Robes Meeks