Cargo Dwell Times Down at LA, Long Beach Ports: PMSA

Cargo dwell times at the LA-Long Beach port complex (pictured) fell last month compared to the month before, data show. File photo.

The length of time that cargo containers were dwelling at the Los Angeles and Long Beach seaports in November declined month-over-month, according to data released Dec. 19 by the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association.

The average time containers lingered on marine terminals at both ports was 2.8 days, a drop from 3.5 days the previous month. The numbers reflect pre-pandemic levels for local cargo.

“The last time local container dwell time averaged 2.8 days was in July 2020,” according to PMSA, adding that just 7.2% of containers stayed longer than five days at terminals, down from 10.9% in October.

For rail-bound cargo, container dwell time was 9.1 days in November, better than the average of 14.2 days the prior month. The number of rail-destined cargo staying past five days in November was 45.2%, an improvement from the 63.2% the previous month.

“Containers are no longer remaining on terminals for long periods of time, cargo is flowing, and terminals are ready to handle more cargo,” said Jessica Alvarenga, director of government affairs for the PMSA.

By Karen Robes Meeks